Marco Holtrigter

Director | BE ME MIPENZ CPEng IntPE

Marco has more than 30 years experience in geotechnical engineering and site investigation on a wide range of projects in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Alan Thorp

Technical Manager | BSc

Alan has a degree in Geological Oceanography from the University of Wales and three years experience with Gardline Geosciences carrying out offshore CPT’s in the North Sea, Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Simon Noone-Jones

Operations Manager

Simon has a wide range of experience in a variety of industries, including banking, mining and landscaping. He has many qualifications in business and project management and holds a Diploma in Landscape Design.

Ryan Barnes

Geotechnical Data Engineer

Ryan has a BSc in Physical Geography and Geology. Previous to joining Ground Investigation in 2017, Ryan had 3 years experience working with Gardline Geosciences in the UK as an Engineering Geologist.

Marcelo Torres

Lead CPT Operator (Auckland)

Marcelo began his career as a CPT operator in 2004 working for Igeotest and later as a freelance operator. He has worked on on-shore and off-shore projects throughout Europe, Central and South America, and North Africa.

Peter Hayward

Lead CPT Operator (Christchurch)

Peter studied Chemistry at Queensland University and Geology at the University of Canterbury and has been involved in data acquisition for the physical sciences for the best part of twenty years.

Brendon Lemm

CPT Engineer (Dunedin)

Brendon is a highly experienced CPT operator with over 15 years experience with land based, nearshore and offshore CPT operation and management, along with various forms of sampling.

Carlos Torralba

CPT Operator (Auckland)

Carlos has a background in construction machinery and electrical work. He has over 10 years experience with Igeotest in high quality CPT operation having worked on near shore and on shore projects in Africa, Europe, Middle-East and Central and Southern America.

John Cresswell

Senior CPT Operator (Christchurch)

John is a highly experienced CPT operator with over 15 years experience in site investigation, in situ testing, sampling and wireline logging on projects throughout the world.

Kemp Hugo

CPT Operator (Auckland)

Kemp is geotechnical engineer and CPT operator with over 7 years experience working on mining and civil projects in Africa, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.