The Hand Portable CPT rig comprises a pushing frame with two hydraulic rams operated from a portable electric hydraulic power pack. The rig is transported in a small van and moved on site with a hand truck. The rig can be further dismantled so that the individual pieces can be carried by hand.

The base of the pushing equipment can be dyna-bolted down to a concrete slab to provide reaction force. Alternatively, push reaction can be obtained by bolting to a frame anchored to the ground.

The rig is ideal for limited access sites and low height basements (as low as 1.5 m). As the rig is electrically powered it is ideal for use inside buildings without the noise and fumes associated with a petrol or diesel unit.


With adequate fixing or anchorage, the hand portable CPT rig has up to 8 ton push capacity. The following in situ testing can be carried out with this rig:

  • CPT / SCPT
  • DMT / SDMT

The maximum depth capacity for in situ testing is 20m+.

Weights and Dimensions

Height: 1.0 m (mast down), 1.7 m (mast fully up)
Length: 0.3 m
Width: 0.6 m
Weight: 55 kg