The Geomil Lynx-200 CPT crawler rig is our mid-range CPT rig weighing approximately 4 tons with 20 ton push capacity (with anchors). This light weight crawler rig is powered by a Hatz Silent Pack diesel and hydraulic piston pump. Tracking, leveling and anchoring are fully controlled by wireless remote. The rig is specifically designed for confined access areas where larger and heavier truck rigs struggle with access. Its rubber track system minimises possible damage to pavements and other surfacing. Modified track base makes this rig capable of accessing slopes and soft ground sites.


With adequate anchorage the rubber tracked Geomil Lynx-200 crawler CPT rig has a 20 ton push capacity. The following in situ testing can be carried out with this rig:

  • CPT / SCPT
  • DMT / SDMT

The maximum depth capacity for in situ testing is 40 m+.

Weights and Dimensions

Height: 2.5 m (mast down),  4.0 m (mast fully up)
Length: 2.8 m
Width:  1.6 m (when travelling), 2.5 m (when testing)
Weight: 4,000 kg