We have a range of versatile rigs that can access almost any site and are very capable in situ testing and sampling machines. Listed below are our rigs with a brief description of each. Follow the links to read more about our rig capabilities and download a rig fact sheet for your reference.


12T CPT Truck Rig

This truck is a 12 ton rig on a Isuzu 4x4 truck platform. It is a purpose built cone penetration test (CPT) rig with AP van den Berg push and testing equipment.



The Geomil Lynx-200 is our mid-range CPT rig weighing approximately 4 tons with 20 ton push capacity (with anchors).


22T Geomil Truck Rig

Our 6x6 Truck rig is a 22 ton purpose built Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) rig with 20 tons push capacity.


15T Truck / Pagani Rig

This rig is a combination of a 15T truck and a Pagani CPT tracked rig. The combined ballasted weight provides reaction force of over 15 tons.


Pagani Rig

The Pagani CPT Rig is our most versatile rig, capable of accessing almost any site. We have three of these rigs, located in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.



The Morooka is a large tracked carrier that can undertake CPT testing in combination with our Pagani or Lynx-200 rigs.


Trailer Terrier

The Terrier trailer rig comprises a Dando Terrier Sampling mast on a small single axle trailer.


Hand Portable

The hand-portable rig is mostly used for accessing restricted height sites, such as inside basements.



Small man portable machine, Swedish Weight Sounding (SWS)


Tractor Rig

Our Tractor rig combines direct drive sampling and dynamic probing (DPSH) with direct push cone penetration testing (CPT) and SDMT testing.

Difficult Access? No Problem

We specialise in providing in situ testing services on difficult access sites. We have many years experience in accessing all sorts of sites. Please contact us to discuss your difficult access site.

You may be surprised where our rigs can go.

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