The Pagani TG63-150 cpt rig is a fully hydraulic rig on rubber tracks which runs on a petrol engine. If used in combination with our ballasted truck, the rig can be transported to site directly on the truck. This makes the truck / rig combination easy and quick to transport to site with low establishment cost.

The compact size and light weight of the Pagani rig make it extremely maneuverable and it can also be used off the truck as an independent tracked rig with the added capability of accessing difficult sites. It can operate on soft ground and on slopes and is our most versatile rig.


This rig is a combination of a 15T truck and a Pagani tracked rig. The rig operated on the back of the truck utilises the ballasted weight of the combined truck and rig weights to provide reaction force of over 15 tons. The Pagani rig can also be used off the truck as an independent tracked rig capable of accessing difficult sites.

We can perform the following in situ tests with this rig:

  • CPT / SCPT
  • DMT / SDMT

In addition, continuous or targeted sampling can be undertaken with this rig and large capacity 15 cm2 cones allow for pushing through gravels.

The maximum depth capacity for in situ testing is 50 m+.

Weights and Dimensions

Height: 3.1 m (when travelling), 5.3 m (when testing)
Length: 12.0 m
Width: 2.5 m
Weight: 15,000 kg to 20,000 kg