At Ground Investigation, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of cone penetration testing (CPT), dilatometer testing (DMT) and other in situ tests having performed thousands of such tests throughout New Zealand since 2009. Our staff have carried out in situ tests all over the world and have a wealth of experience. We also have geotechnical engineers aware of what our clients need to help solve problems. We have amassed a huge database of information and have used this as a research base for testing and developing correlations to soil parameters and direct design methods. Consequently, we are familiar with the analysis and interpretation of CPT, DMT and seismic data. We can help our clients make full use of the in situ test data by providing correlations to soil parameters and direct design solutions:

  • In-house and CPeT-IT analyses
  • CLiq liquefaction assessments
  • Direct pile design
  • P-y curves for lateral loading of piles
  • Settlement of foundations and embankments
  • Bearing capacity of foundations
  • Downhole,cross-hole and HVSR seismic analysis
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