At Ground Investigation we have different methods for direct drive sampling using a drop hammer. The drop hammers have the same weight and drop height as a Standard Penetration Test (SPT) hammer. They are used on our Pagani CPT rigs and our Terrier trailer mounted sampling rig.

Pagani CPT Sampler

The Pagani CPT sampler can be used with any of our CPT rigs:

  • Continuous core sampling in runs up to 1.0 m or discrete sampling at any depth
  • Obtained by direct push or direct percussion drive
  • Sample contained in plastic liners (42 mm diameter)
  • Rapid sampling

Direct Drive Shelby Sampler

The Shelby sampler has a retractable cone that allows it to be pushed to a selected depth with a CPT rig, the cone retracted and then a thin walled Shelby sample taken.

  • Direct push or direct drive insertion.
  • 65 mm diameter and 500 mm long sample.

Terrier Trailer Mounted Sampling Rig

The Terrier sampling system obtains continuous core sampling with core contained in plastic liners of up to 100 mm diameter. The direct drive percussion rig does not require water or drill fluids to be added during the drilling process and is ideally suited to obtaining samples for geotechnical testing at soft soil sites.

  • Direct drive percussion sampling using a SPT equivalent drop hammer (no rotation or drilling fluids used).
  • Boreholes can be cased simultaneously with sampling.
  • Continuous core samples contained in plastic liners in 1m runs.
  • Five different sample sizes ranging from 55mm to 100mm dia.
  • Can sample all soil types (not suitable for rock).
  • Undisturbed ‘shelby’ tube samples can be taken.
  • Conventional SPT tests can be taken at 1 m intervals.
  • Suitable for shallow boreholes (<10 m depth).
  • Piezometers can be installed.
Continuous core recovery from the Terrier Sampler system
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Mostly CPT testing using our Pagani rig on difficult access sloping farmland and on intertidal mud flats. The mudflat work was accessed using a helicopter to lift the Pagani rig. Some borehole sampling work was also carried out on this scheme.