The trailer terrier sampling rig utilises a Dando Terrier direct drive percussion drill mast on a small single axle trailer. A petrol engine operates the hydraulic system.

The rig is towed with a 4WD ute, which makes the rig easy and quick to transport to site with low establishment cost.

The rig has a very quick setup with hydraulic levelling rams to more easily set up on sloping or uneven ground. The light weight of the rig allows it to be easily lifted using a crane, Hiab or helicopter.


The trailer terrier sampling rig uses an SPT equivalent drop hammer (63.5 kg with a 750 mm drop) to drive sampling tubes into the ground. Continuous core sampling in 1 m runs and up to 100 mm diameter are obtained in plastic liners within the sampling tubes. The system is ideal for geotechnical investigations and environmental sampling.

  • Conventional SPT tests
  • Dynamic probe tests (DPSH)
  • Undisturbed tube samples
  • Piezometer installations
  • Environmental sampling

Maximum drilling depth is approximately 10 m. Maximum dynamic probe depth is 30 m+

Weights and Dimensions

Height: 1.5 m (mast down), 2.8 m (mast fully up)
Length: 2.5 m
Width: 1.2 m
Weight: 750 kg