About Us

Ground Investigation Ltd is a geotechnical site investigation company. Our speciality is in situ testing. We are based in Albany, Auckland and we also have a base in Christchurch. We work on projects all over New Zealand.

Our Team

We have a team of operators and technical staff with a wealth of experience in site investigations and in situ testing. We are continually improving the capabilities and quality of our work by keeping abreast of the latest technology.

Our Projects

We have worked on numerous projects throughout New Zealand, from simple house sites to large civil infrastructure projects. We have undertaken thousands of CPT and SDMT tests. Click to view our projects that we have worked on.


Ground Investigation’s comprehensive range of in situ testing services are carried out by trained and experienced operators to international geotechnical site investigation standards. Ground Investigation is committed to providing quality in situ test results that you can rely on.

Our moto: “Best Possible Data”


Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

The Cone Penetration Test (CPT) is undertaken by pushing an instrumented cone into the ground at a continuous rate.


Flat Dilatometer Testing (DMT)

The dilatometer test (DMT) is carried out by pushing a flat plate with a membrane into the ground using a CPT rig.


Dynamic probe super heavy (DPSH)

DPSH stands for dynamic probe super heavy. The DPSH test comprises driving a solid cone into the ground with a SPT-equivalent hammer.



Direct Push Downhole Seismic Testing (DPDH, SCPT, SDMT)

The direct push downhole seismic test (DPDH) is conducted by pushing a seismic module into the ground using a CPT rig. Combined with a CPT test this is known as a seismic cone penetration test (SCPT) or with a DMT, a seismic dilatometer test (SDMT).


Direct Push Crosshole Seismic Testing (DPCH)

The direct push cross hole seismic test (DPDH) is conducted by pushing two separate seismic probes into the ground a set distance apart.


Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) Analysis

The HVSR system is used to determine site period.



Direct Push Soil Sampling Systems

Ground Investigation operate several direct push soil sampling systems including the Pagani CPT sampler and the MOSTAP sampling system.


Direct Drive Sampling

The Terrier sampling system obtains continuous core sampling by direct drive percussion rig.


Piezometers and Environmental Wells

Standpipe piezometers or wells can be installed in Terrier boreholes or using our direct push method using any of our CPT rigs.



Environmental Sampling

Environmental sampling can be undertaken using out terrier sampling system



We can undertake classification testing such as Atterberg Limits and Linear Shrinkage.


CPT and DMT Analysis and Interpretation Services

We can help our clients make full use of the in situ test data by providing correlations to soil parameters and direct design solutions:

Our Projects

We have collated a series of case studies to highlight the versatility and ability of our machines and operators to access difficult locations. Whether it be geotechnical site investigation on steep slopes, over water work, low head room basements, soft ground sites, walls and obstructions or tight spaces between or inside buildings, we have the experience and resources to get the job done.

Building Seismic Upgrades | Ghuznee Street, Wellington

We have carried out many investigations using our hand portable pushing equipment under canopies next buildings and inside the confines of existing buildings for seismic upgrade projects. Both SDMT and CPT testing can be undertaken using this equipment.

Wharf and Port Development | Sulphur Point Wharf, Tauranga

We have carried out CPT and SDMT tests for various wharf and port developments, including; Sulphur Point Wharf, Tauranga, Lyttelton Port and Ports of Auckland.

Ground Improvement Projects | Old Taitapu Road, Christchurch

We have carried out CPT and SDMT tests using both our Pagani and Truck CPT rigs on numerous ground improvement projects throughout New Zealand, but mostly in the Christchurch area following the Canterbury earthquake sequence. We have tested for ground improvement methods of deep soil mixing, stone columns, driven piles and mass stabilisation projects.

Difficult Access? No Problem

We specialise in providing in situ testing services on difficult access sites. We have many years experience in accessing all sorts of sites. Please contact us to discuss your difficult access site.

You may be surprised where our rigs can go.

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