The Screw Drive Sounding test, also known as the SDS test is a recently developed Japanese modified version of the Swedish Weight Sounding (SWS) test. A Screw Driving Sounding (SDS) is undertaken by rotating a screw shaped cone into the ground while measuring the required torque, load, speed of penetration and rod friction during the test at different steps of loading. The test is fully automated with results electronically recorded as the test is performed.

  • Nitto Seiko Company SDS Machine
  • Swedish Weight Sounding (SWS) and Japanese modified Screw Driving Sounding (SDS)
  • Fully automated test
  • Low cost single operator test
  • Applications: site characterisation, liquefaction assessment

At Ground Investigation we have undertaken this test on numerous sites throughout NZ in association with the University of Auckland and the Japan Home Shield Company for research purposes. Some correlations to other in situ tests and to soil properties have been developed. The test has huge potential as a low cost but sophisticated shallow soil testing tool.

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