The Tractor mounted CPT and sampling rig utilises a Terrier percussion drill mast, which has been modified so that it can also perform CPT and DMT testing with an automatic anchorage system.

The tractor is a small 4WD diesel powered unit which has excellent off road capability. The drill mast operates from the tractor’s hydraulic PTO.

The rig is transported on a 4WD truck.


This is a multi-purpose, tractor mounted, CPT and drill rig that can perform static push in situ testing as well as continuous core sampling and dynamic cone testing. With anchorage, the rig is able to push up to 15 tons.

  • Continuous core sampling up to 100 mm diameter
  • SPT testing
  • Dynamic probe (DPSH) testing
  • CPT / SCPT testing
  • DMT / SDMT testing

The maximum depth capacity for in situ testing is 30 m+ (10 m for sampling).

Weights and Dimensions

Height: 2.5 m (mast down), 3.8 m (mast fully up)
Length: 4.0 m
Width: 1.5 m
Weight: 1,900 kg